Spa Services

Welcome to a place of pure tranquility … a true feast for the senses in the unrivaled setting of this island paradise in St. Kitts.

Perfect serenity sweeps over you as stress, tension and fatigue fade away like flowing summer clouds …

Our St. Kitts spa resort features an impressive collection of spa delights to choose from. All especially created to heal, energize and beautify you … to replace the weight of the world with utter relaxation. From ancient spa traditions once reserved for royalty, to the healing powers of flowers, spices and fruits, herbs and minerals … jasmine, frangipani, orchids, lemongrass, aloe and lavender, Ylang-Ylang, sweet orange, papaya, mango, coconut and pineapple, sea salts, cinnamon, volcanic rocks, magma, even bamboo … and the purest of essential oils … all are used liberally to enhance the holistic happening and create the perfect Caribbean spa experience.